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        Move Meter

        Are you thinking about moving into a new neighborhood, town, or even state?

        As you’re thinking about where should your next move be, check out our Move Meter. Whether it’s Chicago to Naperville, Naperville to Naples, or even Plainfield, Indiana to Plainfield, Illinois, use data to compare where you live to any other location in America. By city, you’ll be able to instantly compare quality of life, job market strength, cost of living, and more with the Move Meter.

        Are you seeking a bustling urban environment with a multitude of career opportunities? Or, is the allure of a small town with a lower living affordability calling your name? The Move Meter allows you to weigh priorities and make informed decisions before making a move. Try it out below!

        *The Coldwell Banker Move Meter® Index is a proprietary formula designed to provide consumers with an estimated Move Score to assist them in evaluating data comparing consumer factors between two cities within the United States. Scores will vary by location within the compared cities and property specifics. The Overall Move Score is based on aggregate data provided by third-party public and private resources in four categories: “Housing Affordability,” Quality of Life,” “Job Market Strength,” and “Living Affordability.” The data is compiled from over 40,000 U.S. cities and data for the geographic correlations are updated on a quarterly basis. The Move Score is based on a base score of 50, with 50 being the lowest score and 100 reflecting the highest score. The Move Meter® Index is designed to provide an estimate of comparative scores for a consumer to use to compare two cities, in one tool, as part of their evaluation for making a move within the U.S. The data is not guaranteed accurate or intended to be comprehensive of all factors consumers might consider, and consumers should conduct their own research when determining whether to make a move to a particular place. Data provided in part by BestPlaces.net.



        Now that you’re ready to make a move, how much is your home worth? Get an instant estimate now!

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